About Article Writing

Article writing for a website, wiki, blog, newspaper, or any other requirement requires research and knowledge of the intended audience.

Here are the steps to write an informative article with your target audience in mind:

1) Know your audience and expectations of the reader before starting to write. Article writing for teens would be much different than an article for seniors, and an article for a novice would be much different than an article for someone knowledgeable in the subject matter of the article.

2) What is the purpose of the article you are writing?  Is it to introduce a product or concept? Inform? Educate? Trigger a response to make a purchase?  Whatever the intent, this must be identified up front to determine the manner in which the article will be written.

3) A good article writer will take interest in the subject matter and be passionate about what they write. You need to capture the spirit of the matter and invoke the readers mind to want to read the rest of the article.

4) Start with the basics and build upon that for the remainder of the article. Do some research and include key points and topics in the article. Use good references and cross check facts before including them in your article. Highlight unusual or interesting aspects of the article subject to capture the readers’ interest.

5) Include visuals such as pictures, graphs, charts, etc. for visual representation.  This helps readers identify with the subject and can be a great tool to get a point across with the right visual.

6) Decide how long the article length needs to be.  A product description article may only be a few dozen words, whereas a product review may be 500 – 1000 words.  Many articles being with a short narrative at the beginning followed up by a longer article body with more details.

7) Create an outline first. An outline will help the article writing experience by defining the flow of the article and ensure the information is presented in an organized manner.

8) Select and use an appropriate style, structure, and voice.  A how to article would be written in a leading / instructional manner, whereas a newspaper article reporting facts would be more succinct and to the point.

9) Review, Edit, and Rewrite. After your article is written, read it through from top to bottom and don’t be afraid to edit and rewrite portions as needed.  Repeat this step a few times until you are happy with it. And definitely run it through a spell checker and grammar checker before calling it complete.

Article writing and content writing can be very interesting and fun for those that enjoy it. Following these basic steps will get you on your way to adding premium content to your site which will attract more visitors, and possibly more sales, customers, votes, or whatever the intent of your site may be.

If you don’t have the time or desire to write your own articles Contact Us to write professional articles for you.  Our Content Writers are experienced in writing various types of articles for nearly any subject.

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