Landing Pages

Landing Pages are key or primary pages visitors to your site “land on” such as your Home Page, About Us, Products, Services, and other key pages.

The purpose of a Landing Page is to quickly and easily grab the visitors’ attention and gain immediate interest in your site.

For this reason, Landing Pages are one of the harder types of pages to write and require more research, review, and re-writes before publishing.

A Landing Page typically consists of a call to action using page specific keywords and is in the range of 250 - 450 words.

A site will have at least 1, and usually 5 or more Landing Pages with quality content to increase sales, readership, loyalty, or another purpose.

At SEOWriter we charge 20 to 30 cents per word for Landing Pages, depending on the content and research involved.

Depending on your requirements a quality Landing Page would range in cost from $50 to $135 on average.

A site with 5 such pages would cost anywhere from $250 to $675 for quality, keyword rich content specific to your site.

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